The company was founded in 2001. The designing, construction & procurement started simultaneously & the plant was commissioned in May 2002.

FACILITY : The Company has state of the art facility for distillation of solvent mixtures. There are five completely independent units with two boilers & two cooling towers. There is one evaporator unit. All the facilities are totally in SS316L. There is total storage capacity of 450 KL (400 KL in SS 316L & 50 in MS. Batch) & continuous distillation can be undertaken in the distillation units. Out of five, four facilities are designed for atmospheric as well as vacuum distillations. The units are capable of doing high temperature & vacuum distillations. The layout has been designed for gravity flow & minimum hold-up.

All units have structured packing with packed height ranging from 13 mtrs. to 19 mtrs. The column dia varies from 350 mm to 700 mm.

LABORATORY : The Company has well equipped laboratory for analysis of crude & distilled solvents. The facilities include 2 Nos. of Gas Chromatographs by Thermo Fisher with packed & capillary columns, 3 Nos. of Karl Fischer apparatus for analysis of moisture content, pH meter, weighing balance etc.

There is a pilot facility for studying the distillations in Lab.

CAPABILITIES : The excellent facility is backed by more than 30 years of experience in designing & operation of distillation systems. The company has expertise to carry out separation of complex mixtures. We can also take up azeotropic distillations.

BUSINESS : Job Work, Purchase and Sale of Crude and Recovered Solvents.

GOVERNMENT APPROVALS : The company has consolidated consent for water, air & hazardous waste upto January 2018 from GPCB. The company has Factory License, Explosive License, Poison License, MA1 & MA2 Licenses for Methanol, Labour License, Boiler Certificate, ESIC & PF Certificates, Excise, Service Tax & Sales Tax Registration.

We are member of CETP (NIA) for waste water disposal and NECL for ETP Sludge for land fill & Solid Waste for incineration at Nandesari .